Universiti Putra Malaysia (formally known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia or College of Agriculture Malaya or School of Agriculture), or UPM, is recognised by the independent government assessments as one of Malaysia’s leading research Universities.

The Client

Science Survey System

Survey & Analytics System – Science

Project Owner : UPM
Project Contrator : Getright
Project Authority : N/A
Sub Contrator : N/A

Project Description

This project is to develop a Scientific survey app for UPM to capture the statistics generated thru the survey. There is a backend system to create dynamic survey questions (Questions Builder) and collect information with the tablet app developed. The final results will be accumulated and generated into different types of reports. It is currently used by Architectural Faculty.

The Design & Concept

Just open the app, and take a look. One friend might be having a glass

at a local wine bar, another watching the big game – the possibilities are endless.

Best of all, it’s easy to join a scene and let everyone know you’re
coming right from within the app. It’s never been easier to have an
amazing social life.

With the Scenes app, you can quickly create a scene – anytime,
anywhere – and make yourself available to friends or other connections
in your area. Just set a time and location – and that’s it!

How We Created?

The approach we put forward for the creation of Shoepermarket will tell you how well we had been at plans since the very moment of receiving the concept from the client to submitting the end product. Following are our approach to the Shoepermarket project. Have a look.


Concept study




Deliver & release

Challenges & Solutions


To implement geo-spatial search with CouchDB:


We wanted to perform geo-spatial using CouchDB. But, CouchDB alone doesn’t support spatial queries. Thus we thought of applying GeoCouch, which is a spatial extension for Couchbase and Apache CouchDB, and provides spatial views with CouchDB, utilising a spatial index structured as an R-Tree.


It works just like the wish list in many online shopping websites. Hunt List allows a buyer to ask sellers for an out of stock product if he/she needs to purchase it.


These are the technologies we used to develop Plicks

What our Clients Say

UPM is recognised by the independent government assessments as one of Malaysia’s leading research Universities.